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2022 Student Nurse of the Year

James Vermilion, UNMC Graduate 

My name is James Vermilion. I grew up in Alliance, NE and graduated from the UNMC accelerated program with my BSN. My previous degree was in education, but a strong interest in healthcare and a passion for a more hands on method of helping people is what led me to nursing. Eventually one day I would love to get involved in education again, hopefully nursing at the undergraduate or graduate level. 
My time spent in nursing school not only provided me the foundation to become an efficient, compassionate healthcare provider, but it also connected me to many different organizations and groups which have served to helped me develop on a personal level as well. It helped connect me to organizations like the University of Nebraska Medical Center student senate, the Area Health Education Center, and various other committees and organizations that have helped me hone skills such as leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and numerous others. 
It is an absolute privilege to be a part of this profession. And I am forever thankful for all of the opportunities nursing school and the people involved have given me. 

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apply for student nurse of the year

Have you have been nominated by faculty and students in your nursing program to

represent your school as a candidate for the 2023 Nebraska State Student Nurse of the 


Students will complete a 20 minute interview in person at state convention! 

Interview time will be determined when the student checks in.

Click below for full applications details!

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