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Chapters must submit chapter bylaws for review by the Bylaws Committee. State and Chapter Bylaws must comply with the National Student Nurses Association guidelines, and those will be updated each year. Chapters are encouraged to research these requirements and make changes prior to submission. We will do our best to keep current guidelines up to date on this site. Bylaws will be due by the date listed on the submission form to allow for enough time for review by committee. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via our Contact Us page. 


Chapters must also submit approved, signed meeting minutes after each chapter meeting. All attachments (financial reports, committee reports, etc.) must also be submitted. This can be in one document or several. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via our Contact Us page.




Legislative tips


The legislative process and steps to achieving legislative power are detailed in the NSNA presentation linked below. Legislation will affect us as nursing students and as registered nurses. The future depends on our response. Let's do our part and get involved!

Helpful Tips and Ideas for Local Chapters


      This page was created for all local chapters; it doesn't matter what state you are in! The purpose is to collaborate with others in order to improve your own chapter. In the boxes below please comment on what fundraising ideas you recommend for other chapters. If you have other ideas for suggestions box topics please contact the president Rebekah Mallory (rebekah.mallory@unmc.edu).  Keep in mind this is a public page, and is recognizing a professional organization. All suggestions posted should be professional or they will be removed. There is a "star - rating" system incorporated with the comments system. This way if a suggestion works for your chapter; help other chapters out by giving it a rating on how well it worked! In submitting a suggestion please follow the guidelines listed below:


  1. Your school (chapter name and state)

  2. Suggestion





Fundraising :

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