2020-2021 NSSNA State Board

Hannah Smith, President

Hello! I have the honor of serving as your President for 2020-2021 year. I was inspired by my Father in-law to pursue nursing. He started nursing school at 35 and continued on at the age of 50 to get his master’s degree. At 57, he was diagnosed with renal failure. He was able to maintain two jobs working as a Nurse Practitioner, while administering dialysis to himself on his nights off. His passion for learning inspired me and I have the privilege of carrying his Alma Mater. Outside of nursing school, I enjoy playing Roller Derby where my derby name is Trauma Queen! Playing derby has given me a lot of confidence to try things outside of my comfort zone. My goal is this role is to pass forward the inspiration I have and hopefully inspire and empower students to step outside their comfort zones and go after things they are passionate about. I want to start committees and groups to provide avenues for students to pursue aspects of nursing that inspire them. NSSNA has open an incredible number of doors for me and I want to pass along those opportunities to as many students as possible.

Maria McDougall, First Vice

Hello, my name is Maria McDougall and I am serving as your 2020-2021 First Vice President. I attend the University of Nebraska Medical Center - Kearney. I am extremely excited to be serving in this position and learning more being on the state board for Nebraska! I have always loved healthcare and was mainly inspired by my dad. When I was 3 years old he suffered a spinal cord injury. I was consistently in hospitals seeing the love and care that nurses and other healthcare workers gave him. This inspired me to want to give back what they gave to me. My dad. This year I am looking forward to planning your 2021 Nebraska State Nurses Association Convention. I hope everyone is getting excited! I will continuously be working with the board to make this an awesome year!

Colin Wollaston, Second Vice

Hello, my name is Colin Wollaston, and I am very excited to participate in the Nebraska Student Nurses Association as the second vice president. I am currently working towards my BSN at  the University of Nebraska Medical Center. My main duty as second vice president is to lead the bylaw committee and make sure the Nebraska State Student Nurses’ Association bylaws are aligned with the National Nurses’ Association Bylaws. I am looking forward to this next year serving on the NSSNA board and the memorable experiences it will bring.

Devin Beaver, Treasurer

"Hi everyone! My name is Devin Beaver and I am excited to serve as the 2020-2021 NSSNA Treasurer. I am working towards my BSN at UNMC West Nebraska Division in Scottsbluff. After graduating I hope to work in a rural area like the one I was raised in. I plan on pursing a job in labor and delivery or the NICU. I have been passionate about becoming a nurse since a very young age. I had an affinity for helping others and grew up watching my mom get fulfillment from her job as an RN. While I am not in school I enjoy hiking, kayaking, reading, and walking my corgi. I look forward to what experiences serving on the NSSNA Board will bring!"

Myia Hamaker, Secretary 

Hello, my name is Myia Hamaker and I am serving as your 2020-2021 secretary. I knew nursing was my passion when I was at a young age. Through my experiences, I learned that the world would not serve me, I must serve the world using kindness and compassion. I want to use this knowledge to help others through nursing! Currently, I am attending the University of Nebraska Medical Center located in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. I aspire to obtain a Bachelor of Science-Nursing with the dream of working in the emergency department or an intensive care unit. After graduating in 2021, I wish to provide excellent care centered around patients, I hope to gain great experience and return to a rural area of Nebraska. When I am not studying or working, I enjoy participating in outdoors activities and spending time with my family and friends. I look forward to serving the student nurses of Nebraska throughout this year!

Mariah Orduna, Breakthrough Chair 

Hey, everyone! My name is Mariah and I am the Breakthrough to Nursing Director. I am mostly in charge of sharing the amazing field of nursing with potential new nursing students. I am in my 3rd year at Clarkson College and have loved it so far. I started out at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, where I got my Psychology degree. It was not until I was almost finished with my Psychology degree that I realized I wanted to do nursing. I can't help but think of how different my schooling experience would be if I had had a Breakthrough to Nursing Director share with me. I am super excited to be a part of this board and even more excited to continue to contribute to our community and grow as a future nurse. In my free time, I like to hike, travel, watch netflix, and hang out with my dog, Dobby!

Douglas Shinner, Legislative Chair 

My name is Douglas Shinner and I’m a sophomore BSN student at Nebraska Wesleyan University. As this year’s Legislative chair, I am thrilled to be involved in local and national healthcare politics. Nurses play a vital role in affecting legislative change. I look forward to learning about these issues and communicating with our vast network of student nurses across Nebraska. I am passionate about nursing with focused interests in public health and ER/trauma. Outside of studying I enjoy exploring parks and trails, riding my bike, and taking my dog on adventures.

Antonia Villani, Image of Nursing

Hi! I’m Antonia Villani and I’m very excited to take this journey of being the Image of Nursing Director on NSSNA Board. I am current working towards my ADN at Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte, Ne. After graduation I plan on to work as a nurse while getting my BSN. I am originally from a town near Ft. Collins, Colorado. My favorite thing about Colorado, besides my family, is the mountains. The first time I attended MPCC was two years ago on a softball scholarship. I moved back to North Platte last August to pursue my dream of being nurse. I have two blue heelers and they are very spoiled. I love being outside with them, my cows, and my horses. I look forward to serving on this board over the next year!

Lexi Sandoz, Community Service Chair

Hey everyone! My name is Lexi Sandoz and I am your NSSNA Community Service Director for 2020-2021. I am in the first year of the associated degree nursing program at Mid Plains Community College located in North Platte. Growing up, I knew at an early age that nursing was my true passion. In my spare time I enjoy spending time outside with my dog, Diesel, working out, and hanging out with my friends and family.  Though out high school and after I have participated in a numerous of different community service activities and events. Giving back to communities is something I have always love to do. I look forward to severing on the board as your Community Service Director over the next year!

Roseanna Vapenik, Nominations Chair

Hello, My name is Roseanna Vapenik. I am so excited to serve as the 2020-2021 Nominations director! I am in charge of helping to find future qualified candidates to run for office. I have worked as a LPN for 9 years and a volunteer EMT for a little over 3 years now. I have really enjoyed my nursing career so far and the last 9 years has really taught me a lot about how to be a better nurse. I am so excited for the next step in my career. I am currently attending Mid-Plains Community College and will be graduating with my ADN in May of 2021. After graduation I am looking forward to bringing my knowledge back to rural Nebraska. When I am not studying I love to spend time with my four beautiful children and husband. I also love riding horses, reading books, and doing crafts.

Alexandra Varney, Communications Editor 

Hey Everyone, My name is Alex, I'm Serving as your Communications Editor for the 2020-2021 year. I am in the first year of the ADN program at Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte. I have career changed and wanted to be a nurse for a very long time, I have lost two very important people in my life and the way the nursing staff treated us made me strive to become a nurse and be the best I can be. In my spare time I enjoy working out, spending time outside with my two dogs (Max and Winnie), with my boyfriend Colton, along with friends and family. I am looking forward to creating friendships and learning with the board I serve with over the next year. 

Mara Wardyn, Student  Advisor 

Hey everyone! My name is Mara Wardyn and I am the Student Advisor. I served on the NSSNA 2019-2020 board as well. Being a part of this organization has been so rewarding and exciting to see what the future of nursing could look like. I decided to go into nursing because I grew up hearing heroic stories of the nurses that took care of me when I was in the NICU for a couple months and new I wanted to be just like them and give other families that hope and care in some of the most difficult times. I attend Mid-Plains Community College in pursuit of my Associates Degree in Nursing and will be graduating in May of 2020. Once I graduate, I will be working in Kearney, NE as a PCU and Pediatrics nurse and I plan on starting my RN to BSN program within the next year. Some of my hobbies include spending time with my husband, getting outdoors, playing music, reading, traveling, and going to local coffee shops.

Raven Lance, Consultant

My name is Raven Lance and I am the NSSNA Consultant. I am currently a Cardiovascular ICU Staff Nurse at Nebraska Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska. I previously served on the NSSNA board from 2018-2019 as the Image of Nursing Director. During that time, I worked to revamp the social media presence and I created the Image of Nursing Social Media Award with the Image of Nursing Committee. I served in many professional organizations during my time in nursing school and participated in many community service activities. I was the 2019 Nebraska State Student Nurse of the Year, which was one of the greatest honors that I have ever received. I finally graduated in the spring of 2019 with my BSN from Clarkson College. I am enjoying my time as a nurse, and spending time with my husband and two children. I hope to eventually go back to school and study law with the end goal of working on health policy. I have also been extremely interested in CRNA school for many years. They are very different career paths, but that is the beauty of nursing you can go in so many different directions!