2019-2020 NSSNA State Board

Shayleen Behm, President

Hey Everyone! My name is Shayleen Behm and I am your NSSNA President for 2019-2020. My initial motivation to dive into the nursing field stems from the decline of many strong female role models in my life. Dementia is quite prevalent in my family, so I have observed many relatives regress to mere framework of their previous vigorous selves. Seeing these declines sparked a desire for me to give back to other people and their families as their health fades as well. I have always envisioned my nursing career as one of continuous learning and many opportunities, but I never dreamt of the amount of opportunities that nursing school has offered me. Currently, I attend the University of Nebraska Medical Center – Western Nebraska Division, located in Scottsbluff, where I am working towards obtaining a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Outside of healthcare, I enjoy being outdoors and reading (anything other than textbooks) when time allows. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and hiking. Virtually all activities that allow me to admire the scenery and enjoy the weather are my favorite things to do. I am honored to be serving Nebraska on the NSSNA Board this year! 

Jocelyn Ramos, First Vice

Hello Nebraska State Student Nurses! I am very happy and honored to be serving as your NSSNA 1st Vice President this year. The Nebraska State Student Nurses Association (NSSNA) has provided me with opportunities that have helped me excel as an undergraduate nursing student. By connecting with others who are just as excited about nursing as I am. I have been able to volunteer with other nursing students, meet with specialty nurses, and attend several nursing conferences. These experiences and conferences have kept me motivated and excited to start my nursing career.

             This motivation is what I want to bring to other members in NSSNA. For this reason I took leadership roles to reach a greater number of nursing students. In 2017 I served as my local SNA’s Treasurer. As treasurer I created a budget that helped send three Clarkson College nursing students to the National Student Nurses Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.  In 2018 I served as my local SNA’s President. As President I have been able to bring a variety of experiences to members and innovative ideas to benefit SNACC members.  All the work I have put toward this student organization has been a true enjoyment. I am very happy knowing that my participation in SNA has benefited other nursing students. This year I am even more happy and excited to be serving as your 1st Vice President of the Nebraska State Student Nurses Association (NSSNA). As your 1st Vice President my goal is to uphold the NSSNA mission and serve a larger population of nursing students. To develop a collaborative and cooperative structure between nursing schools within Nebraska to consistently create high standards that support nursing students in Nebraska through leadership, education, scholarship, legislation, and networking.

        I plan upholding this mission by planning the 2020 NSSNA convention. I am very excited to be the leader coordinating next year's NSSNA convention. I hope to bring several different opportunities for nursing students to learn from. In the hope of getting members excited about nursing and motivated to keep up their amazing work as nursing students.

   Best of luck during Nursing School! I hope to see you all at next year’s Convention. 

Amanda Mays, Second Vice

Hello, my name is Amanda Mays and I am currently working towards my ADN at Mid Plains Community College. I will be graduating in May 2020 and then will be working towards my BSN. Nursing is my biggest passion, but I also love animals, music, cooking, camping, and fishing. I am very excited to be involved on the state level serving as second vice president for the NSSNA board. My main duty as second vice president is to lead the bylaw committee and make sure the Nebraska State Student Nurses’ Association bylaws are aligned with the National Nurses’ Association Bylaws. I am looking forward to this next year serving on the NSSNA board and the memorable experiences it will bring.

Jennifer Mansfield, Treasurer

Hello, My Name is Jennifer Mansfield, and I am so excited to be your NSSNA Treasurer! I am currently working on my BSN at the University of Nebraska Medical Center on the Scottsbluff, Nebraska campus. Originally I am from Washington state where I was born in a small logging town on the coast and made lots of childhood memories in the woods before moving to a larger city inland. I love being in the outdoors hunting, quading, horseback riding, and hiking with my 70lb lap dog. Though he actually enjoys riding the quad too. When I am not playing somewhere in the woods you can find me road tripping. I have traveled all through the PNW, Montana, Wyoming, and finally down here to Nebraska. While here I take trips as often as school allows to explore Nebraska, Colorado and South Dakota. To afford all these adventures, prior to nursing school, I spent my time in risk management handling commercial insurance claims for both the trucking industry and public transportation. When I got accepted to UNMC, I couldn’t get packed fast enough. New state, new adventure, new career! Moving to Nebraska has afforded me more opportunities than I could have imagined. Additionally, I learned this beautiful state is not as flat as everyone outside of here thinks, and it is certainly hard to beat a Nebraska sunset. Being an outsider I have truly been welcomed with open arms, and I am honored to represent you on the state and national platforms. Looking forward to meeting you and all the exciting challenges this year will bring!

Hannah Harwager, Secretary 

Hello, my name is Hannah Harwager and I am serving as your 2019-2020 secretary. Growing up, I knew at an early age that nursing was my passion. I have become enthused to help others and want a career based around that rewarding sensation. I currently attend the University of Nebraska Medical Center located in Scottsbluff, Nebraska striving to obtain a Bachelor of Science-Nursing with aspirations of becoming a trauma or surgical nurse. After graduating in 2020, I look forward to providing individualized care in the medical field and bringing my knowledge back to a rural community much like the one I grew up in. When I am not studying, I enjoy being with my family, friends, and attending rodeos or being outdoors. I look forward to advocating for the student nurses of Nebraska this coming year! 

Jenny Beckman, Breakthrough Chair 

Hello, my name is Jenny Beckman, and I am your Breakthrough Chair for 2019! Basically, I am in charge of recruiting individuals to join the nursing profession. I am currently an undergraduate student with the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing Scottsbluff division pursuing my Bachelor of Science and Nursing. As long as everything goes well, I am planning on graduating from UNMC in May 2020 with my BSN. Nursing is a huge passion of mine. Ever since I began my job as a certified nursing assistant, I fell in love with the nursing profession. Nursing is so much more than problem-solving, reviewing charts, thinking on your feet, and handing out medications. It is about loving your patients, making them feel known and loved during some of the most difficult times of their lives. I am excited to be serving as the Breakthrough over the next year, and showing people the beauty that is nursing!

Stephanie Shoning, Legislative Chair 

I'm currently a senior at College St. Mary - Omaha seeking my BSN in nursing graduating 2020! I have always had a passion for caring for children and their families. I did home daycare for 20 years while raising our family. After completing a degree in Speech Language Pathology, I decided to go back to school and complete my dream of becoming a nurse.  I hope to become a pediatric nurse in the future. For fun I enjoy spending time with my husband, our kids, and grandkids and camping!

Eric Langan, Image of Nursing

I am Eric Langan, I am a Sophomore at Clarkson College working towards my BSN, I plan on graduating in the Spring of 2021. I chose Nursing because of the many varieties of care settings that nurses are able to choose to work in. On my free time I enjoy traveling to foreign places and playing/coaching rugby for the Omaha Goats and the Creighton Blue Jays. 

Emma Young, Community Service Chair

Emma is a sophomore at Mid-Plains Community College, where she is in her first year of nursing school. Emma has a passion for community service, for which she has won several awards; including the Women of Achievement Award for Up and Coming, Women Under 20. She was also one of three finalists for the ServeNebraska Step Forward Award in Youth Community Service. Emma has had a love for healthcare and serving others since she was very young, she hopes to be able to combine both of these passions this year as Community Service Director.

Cami Roehrs, Nominations Chair

My name is Cami Roehrs. I am a junior BSN student at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln. This past year I served as NWU’s Student Nurses Association. I am interested in critical care nursing with a long-term goal of pursuing my Certified Registered Nursing Anesthesia degree. I recently accepted a summer internship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I am placed in surgical services at Mayo, so I am looking forward to experience a field of nursing not experienced in our traditional BSN program at Wesleyan. When I am not studying, I enjoy running, fishing, planning my wedding, and spending time with my family. I look forward to serving with a talented group of student nurses as Nominations Chair for NSSNA.

Mara Wardyn, Communications Editor 

Hi! I’m Mara Wardyn and I’m the Communications Editor for the 2019-2020 board. I am currently attending Mid-Plains Community College and will be graduating with my ADN in May of 2020! My ultimate goal is to eventually get my BSN. I chose to go into nursing because I want to make a lasting impact of people’s lives. I had some health issues when I was younger and I owe it to nurses for making sure that I received the best care making it possible for me to live a normal life without any disabilities or continuous medical treatments. Since I started pursuing nursing, it has just become more evident that this is what I am meant to do. In my free time, I enjoy making music, spending time with others, planning my wedding, and reading. I'm excited to serve on this board over the next year!

MacKenzie Bowker, Student  Advisor 

Hi everyone! I am the 2019-2020 NSSNA Student Advisor, and I could not be more excited about my position! I previously served as the Secretary on the NSSNA Board. My job as Secretary was to take all of the minutes at the meetings. As Student Advisor, I will serve as a resource for the new board members and assist them in any way that I can! I currently attend UNMC in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and will be graduating May of 2019. After I graduate, I plan on staying in the area and working in Labor and Delivery. I chose to be a nurse, because nursing is such a rewarding field that gives you so many amazing opportunities. In my free time, I enjoy working out, going to concerts, shopping, being outdoors, and spending time with my family and friends.